Has Your Heating System Stopped Working? Call For Heater Repair Service

With winters approaching, you rely on your heating system to keep you and your family warm and comfortable, but what happens when you try to turn it on, and it isn’t working? What are you planning to do then? Don’t panic! We are here with our reliable heater repair services.

There are more than one reasons why it could happen, and No Excuses Heating and Air are listing down the common ones that you don’t need to worry about because we got you covered. Let’s begin.

Poor Maintenance Can Lead to Requirement for Heater Repair Service

Perhaps the top cause of people calling for our HVAC technicians is the lack of maintenance. If your heater is causing trouble in starting, you most likely haven’t tuned it up properly. Mostly, this issue can be overcome by simple cleaning.

If your heating device has a dirty blower, it can lead to equipment failure. Your heating system will simply not work if there isn’t sufficient air moving across to prevent overheating. Similarly, dirty filters can also be the reason the system isn’t working. Such filters interrupt the airflow and can even worsen the already existing issues with the duct. It is why we suggest you change the filters every three months or so. 

To avoid all these issues, call our seasoned HVAC technicians on an annual basis for heater repair service. In the long run, the regular repair will help you save a lot of expensive issues. 

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Thermostat Is the Cause of Trouble

Another reason to get a call for repair services is the thermostat not turning the heat. The root cause of this problem is usually a malfunctioning thermostat. The primary function of this device is to regulate the amount of heat your HVAC system generates. Most of the thermostats available are very reliable, yet, over time, they can even build up some problems and require repair or replacement.

However, if your unit is too old and simple repairs won’t cut it, we also offer heating replacement services to ensure you stay comfortable throughout the winters. 

Faulty Ductwork Installation

In some cases, if your heater isn’t working, it isn’t necessarily because of the system, but ductwork is the reason. To ensure that the ductwork is installed correctly is a big undertaking; many installers will make mistakes in making the right size duct for your system that can end up causing problems with the heating system. It affects the overall airflow throughout your house.

Besides the installation problem, it can happen due to lack of maintenance of ducts, which we can help you with our duct cleaning services.

It is very typical for heaters to develop problems over time, but the key is never to let these issues linger. If your heating system isn’t turning on or isn’t working as it should, we recommend you to call for our heater repair service

Our seasoned experts will thoroughly examine your system to make the necessary repairs. Contact us on 770-746-7164 for further details.