Call Our Emergency AC Repair Services When You See These Signs

Emergency AC Repair Services

No one likes to feel sweltering in the hot summers. But, if you are experiencing it, this is probably because your air conditioner is trying to warn you. You just have to look for these signs to avoid any malfunction. By knowing these signs, you’ll know when you need emergency AC repair services to avoid costly breakdowns.

Here, No Excuses Heating and Air has shortlisted seven such signs that indicate you need emergency repairs.

Uncommon Noises

It is very common for an AC unit to make a sound while operating. However, when it starts making weird gurgling sounds, it’s probably indicating that the unit is about to quit. Therefore, do not ignore these signs and start the search for ‘emergency AC repair near me’.

Hot Air from the Vents

Blocked airflow can happen anytime with the AC unit, from the ducts to the filters. This ultimately leads to weak air or the air that is warm instead of cold. Avoiding this sign for too long can lead to the malfunction of the whole system. So, make sure to call for Emergency AC Repair in Atlanta when this happens.

High Humidity Levels

In the summers, it is quite common to experience the sticky condition. However, this doesn’t have to happen indoors. The air conditioner balances the humidity automatically in the room. But, if it is unable to keep it at a comfortable level, you need to call our Atlanta heating and air conditioning experts. They’ll help you diagnose the issues and let you know whether you need a simple repair or should get a whole-house dehumidifier.

Bad Smells

If you suspect any bad odor coming from the HVAC system, you want to take care of the issues as quickly as possible. Luckily, a quick diagnostic from our experts will help you identify if your system needs a tune-up or a complete cleaning. In some cases, the dirt accumulated in the duct can also create an odor issue. Regardless of what is the reason, we’ll help to overcome it ASAP.

Ice in the Unit

When you get AC installation services, it is supposed to throw cold air, for sure. But, if ice starts to form on its components, it needs to be addressed. It usually happens due to the water forming below the air conditioner. Remember, this problem isn’t going to take care of itself. Contact us, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Water Leaks

The air conditioning unit works on the refrigerant to cool the house while producing condensation as it operates. However, it shouldn’t leak into your home. The water leak is an important sign that indicates your system isn’t running properly. Furthermore, this can lead to serious structural damage to the house. Therefore, you need to call our technicians as soon as you identify this issue.

Hot Spots in the Room

A good working AC unit will help to eradicate all the hot spots in the room. However, if it fails to do that, it points towards the serious problem in some of the main components of the HVAC unit. Also, this will require the immediate attention of our technicians. So, without a delay, get in touch with No Excuses.

Contact for Emergency AC Repair

Getting AC Installation in Marietta, GA, isn’t the only service you need. Due to frequent use in the summer season, it is likely your HVAC system will face issues. But, don’t worry, if you face any of the concerns above, our experts are just one call away.

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