6 Signs You Need Heater Repair Service Soon

heater repair service

We’d all love to see a heating system that doesn’t require any repairs and lasts forever. That would make your life much easier; however, such equipment doesn’t exist. If someone is offering a system that can work forever without any maintenance, they sell you on lies. No matter what heater you purchase, at some point, you’ll need a heater repair service. Now nothing will be more terrible if your system stops working suddenly on a winter night. The chances are that there were signs along the way that you missed, and now you are stuck in this uncomfortable situation. 

If that grabbed your attention, keep on reading as we reveal the signs that indicate you’ll need to call in our HVAC technician for repair. Let’s begin.

Electric Bills Are Usually High – Primary Sign You Need Heater Repair Service

One of the first signs that you’ll start noticing is that your bills are getting higher compared to what you were previously paying in the winter. While the utility companies do raise the rates once in a while, but it happens gradually. So, if you see a drastic change, it is most likely that your heating system is using more power to keep the house warm, which means it isn’t working properly.

If this is something you see, call No Excuses Heating and Air to fix the issue before it turns into something bigger.

The System is Creating Odd Noises

An attribute of a failing heating system is that it starts producing rattling, banging, and creaking sounds. If you start hearing such noises, call us now. Our professional will be in a better place to identify the issue based on the kind of sound it makes.

We make sure to fix the issue as soon as identified, but unluckily if it’s too late for your system, our company also has heating replacement services, so your house stays warm in winter.

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The Air Quality is Worsening 

While the air quality isn’t visible, you can feel if the house has poor airflow. Typically, your house will become hazy if your system isn’t working properly. While it usually is a sign of dirty filters in most cases, it’s better to call our technicians to see if any repairs are needed. 

If you see dust in the air more often, don’t take it casually as it can be very harmful if anyone in the house has an asthma problem.

Inconsistent Heat Spread

Does your heater seem to work fine in some areas while leaving some parts cold? It usually happens due to poor ductwork. But to be safe, call our seasoned technicians to check if you need our duct cleaning services or if the heater has some repairs that affect the airflow. It’s worth having our experts over for inspection so you can enjoy the winter season comfortably.

You Need to Readjust Thermostat Settings Frequently 

A thermostat is the best indicator when you need heater repair service. If you need to readjust the device constantly, it is time to call professional help. The issue is not the thermostat but the heater itself. Don’t take these issues lightly as it may be comprehending something serious.

Pilot Light Turns Yellow

Usually, a healthy heating system should have a blue pilot light, so if it turns yellow or any other color, your heater needs repair. The color change indicates the reduction in efficiency of the heating system and the production of harmful pollutants.

If you see any of the above signs, call us for heater repair service right away to avoid serious damages.